Our research group is located in Building 80 at San Francisco General Hospital (UCSF) above the historic Ward 86 HIV clinic.

Benjamin Singer, DPhil 

Ben is a post-doctoral scholar in the group. He received his DPhil from Oxford University in 2021. 

Sophia Tan 

Sophia is a research scientist in the group. She is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley with a double major in Data Science and Molecular & Cell Biology. She has worked with the WASH Benefits team to understand the complex relationships between child biomarkers and child growth and development outcomes. She is interested in exploring the intersection of global health and data science and utilizing computational tools to inform public health policy.

Ribhav Gupta, MS

Ribhav is a graduate student researcher in the group. Ribhav is a medical student at the University of Minnesota Medical School. He attended Stanford University for his BS in Biomedical Engineering and MS in Epidemiology and Clinical Research. At Stanford, he worked on modeling of typhoid vaccination program and developing an algorithm to improve quality of deworming data.

Hailey Park 

Hailey is an undergraduate student researcher in the group. Hailey is a 4th year undergraduate at UC Berkeley with a double major in both Public Health and Data Science. Her current interests include computational epidemiology and global environmental health. She has previously worked with Dr. Blonder in the Macrosystems Ecology Laboratory on a project investigating the multi scale tradeoffs of leaf vein networks. Prior to that, she has worked with the Madsen Group at the Nutritional Policy Institute on their Soda Tax project, and with the non-profit ARTogether as a documentary research assistant. Aside from her academic interests, she enjoys listening to music, crafting, and being in the outdoors! 

Krishna Ravi

Krishna is an undergraduate student researcher in the group. Krishna is an undergraduate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science & Data Science at UC Berkeley. He brings a passionate about software development and the application of computer science principles such as machine learning and artificial intelligence in fields including medical devices, bioinformatics, data security, and industrial automation.


Past members:

Poojan Shukla

Poojan worked in the group as an undergraduate researcher while studying at UC Berkeley. He is now a medical student at UCSF..

Lloyd Chapman, PhD

Lloyd worked in the group as a post-doctoral scholar. He is now a Research Associate/Assistant Professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.